Manni Wu

The Chinese classical guitar player Manni Wu was born in May 4th 1992. She started playing the guitar at the age of 7 under the instruction of her father. In 2010 she entered the classical guitar program at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou where she studies with Prof. Bastian Hildner from Germany.

Manni Wu took successful part in several master classes with for example Carlo marchione(Italy),Gabriel Bianco(France) Fabio Federico (Italy), Arnoldo Freie(Brazil) ,Sanel Redzic(Germany),Marcin Dylla(Polan) , Marco Tamayo(Cuba),Ricardo Gallen (Spain) and Thomas Mueller-Pering(Germany). 2015 she was passed the examination of Robert Schumman Hochschule and Weimar Franz List Musikhochschule.And she choosed to study with Professor Joaquin Clerch in Robert Schumman Hochschule , Duesseldorf ,Germany.

On June 20,2017  she finished the Master Degree with the highest marks.She’s now continuing Concert Exam in the same school. During her studies at the Conservatory she won several prizes at the most important national guitar competitions all around china,even some international competitions and also got some experience about the performance:

3rd prize: National Shenyang Guitar Competition 2011 1st prize: Huadong Six Province (Shang Hai)guitar tournament 2011

2nd prize: National Guitar Competition Hebei 2011 1st prize: National Guitar Competition Hebei 2012

1st prize: International Guitar Competition Hongkong 2013 2nd prize: International Guitar Competition Thailand 2013

3rd prize :Italy Fiuggi X International Guitar Festival 2016 3rd prize:Greece 23rd Hermoupolis International Guitar Festival 2016

1st prize:Indonesia IV Valerio International Guitar Festival 2016

1st prize :Malaysia TARREGA International Guitar Festival 2016 “Leo Brouwer”Prize:32th Spain Certame Anderes Segovia International Guitar Festival 2017

2nd prize:Romania Sinaia International Guitar Festival 2018

1st prize: Italy Fiuggi XII International Guitar Festival 2018

2nd prize: Greece 4th Arion International Guitar Festival 2018

In 2012 and again in 2013 she was invited as a guest guitarist of Xinghai Modern Music Week Ceremony

In December 2013,she was invited as a guest guitarist of the Guangzhou Contemporary Art Ceremony.

In April 2014,she performed 4 concerts for the “Night of Guitar”solo concert tour in China,appearing in Weihai,Qingdao Guangzhou and Changzhou,to a total audience of over 1000 people.

In November 2016 ,she made a Guitar Duo with her College Miguel Angel Diaz(Spain) ,

In April 2017 they invited by the Chinese Guitar Sponsor—Martinez Guitar finished the successfully concert trip in six cities around China.(Hangzhou ,Yiwu ,Ningbo ,Wenzhou ,Qingyuan ,Guangzhou)

In August 2017,she invited by the Organiser of Valerio Indonesia International Guitar Competition as an Artist to make concert and Masterclass during the Festival

In March 2018,she invited by the government of Geldern and Goch in Germany as an artist performed Solo Concert in the Spring Series Music Festival.

In December 2018 ,she invited by Martinez Guitar company for making solo concerts through 8 cities in China .(Shenzhen,Suzhou,Xuzhou,Hangzhou,Xiangyang,Wuwei,Tianshui,Rizhao)